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Permitted Activities
  1. We will provide Accurate and Upto Date Information in relating to MM2H Programme;
  2. We provide or offer application services to interested applicants, we shall abide to the rules and regulation set by the Ministry of Tourism;
  3. We will provide consistent update thru out the application;
  4. We will provide / assist in introducing the banks, panel of doctors for medical checkup, and insurance agency if needs arise;
  5. We will act as the sponsor for all our customers thru out the stay within the country;
  6. We will provide assistance thru out the application and as well as the submission of the application;
  7. We will provide direct answers to all inquiries with full sincerity, honesty, and high integrity
Restricted Activities
  1. We will not be able to apply or promise any of our clients in getting Permanent Residence (PR) or citizenship status, it is rather difficult and long process in getting a Permanent Residence (PR) or Citizenship; 
  2. We will not be able to apply or promise employment/business opportunities to foreigners;
  3. We will not act with other parties with intention to cheat our clients or potential clients of MM2H especially in any services not stipulated within the permitted services;
  4. We will not Bribe or asking for inducement thru out the application

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