Providing excellent service to all clients in true Malaysian style in the Spirit of Hospitality, Respect, Trust and Genuine Sincerity.






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EZ SecondHome MM2H Sdn Bhd (Co. No. 807520-D) is a company which always put you, who is our potential customer(s) or customer(s) as our top priority. We have a champion team who always strive hard to serve you in true Malaysian style in the Spirit of Hospitality, Respect, Trust and Genuine Sincerity.
The company incorporated in Malaysia in 2008; aims to assist and support the Malaysian Government in promoting Malaysia as a tourism region and in promoting the “Malaysia My Second Home” (“MM2H”) programme , in addition to its core business of submission of MM2H applications and serving their clients in all aspects to facilitate their settlement in Malaysia.
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The Team
Yang Mulia Tunku Atikah served in Radio Televisyen Malaysia, (“RTM”) (radio section) for 32 years as a broadcaster and trainer, where she headed many English programmes, including but not limited to the “English Services”, “Schools Broadcast” and “ Voice of Malaysia”programmes.
Tunku Atikah also served in RTM Training Centre, where she conducted lectures and  trained   many local and foreign trainees on the art of radio broadcasting and language skills. The local trainees Tunku Atikah has coached include employees of Malaysian Airlines (MAS), the local Fire Departments (BOMBA), the Department of Aviation and radio stations in Malaysia. Foreign apprentices trained by Tunku Atikah were from developing and developed countries including the Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Mauritius, Korea and Japan.

Tunku Atikah was the Public Relations Manager for the SUKOM Games in Malaysia in 1997.

Tunku Atikah currently serves as an administrator and lecturer in two private educational institutions, “ Cambridge ICT for all” and “IT and Language Center”. The aforesaid institutions have a mixed client base of individual students and corporate clientele. The languages taught are Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin, Tamil, Italian French, German, Korean and Japanese. Translators in these languages and translation services can also be provided by the said centers.
Managing Director : MS. LINDA LIM
Ms. Lim served in various positions within financial institute for more than 10 years. She also served for more than 5 years in the MNC within Malaysia.

Ms. Lim had spent a few years in Ireland in pursuing her personal interest which she learnt a whole lots of the culture in various countries within Europe. During her stay in Europe, she has actively promote Malaysia and invited tracted a lot of UK / Ireland visitors into Malaysia upon her return from Europe mid last year.

With her personal experience of moving the family from one country to another, she is well aware and understand all the tricks and process which can help in your speed up your application and moving from country to country work much easier. She had personally come up with a check list and must do list to help you with your move.
Executive Director : MS. JENNY YEOH

Ms. Yeoh serves in various accounting companies for more than 10 years. She has the full experience in various positions of the accounting and finance.

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